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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Personal Reflection (NEwater visit)

1. What are the 3 key takeaways from today’s visit?
The three takeaways are:
- I learnt that the NEWater has to go through 4 stages or processes before it is safe to be distributed to the public, as to ensure its hygiene.

- NEWater uses high-technology to get rid of the bacteria and viruses in the water.

- the 4 different sources of water in Singapore.

2. Name 2 concepts that you have learnt today during the visit.
- How the water in NEWater is being processed.

- Where does the water come from.

3. What is the 1 interesting thing that you have learnt today?
- 1 interesting thing i learnt today is that the membrane uses in the 1st process is 10 times smaller than t he thickness of 1 strand of our hair.

4. What are the things that you can do to help with water conservation in Singapore?
- I will try my best to minimize the water used either at home, in school or in public. I can also remember the 3Rs which is Reuse, recycle and reduce. I can reuse the water used for rinsing the rice to flush the toilet.
I can have a shower instead of a bath.Instead of washing the laundry every time when it is half-full, we can wait and wash when the laundry is full.


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