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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Orientation camp ( 7-8 Jan) Reflections

What are the three main points (or more) that you had learnt from all the activities?
1) Firstly, I have learnt that in a team, we cannot get what we always want and do our own way. We must share our opinions and thoughts together as a team during discussion. We also must have perseverance, a good team-bonding, respect, teamwork and good communication skills to create a fun and forever- lasting team that will never fades away.
2) I must listen attentively and respect be it trainers, teachers, classmates or leaders so that we can do our task faster and in order. And i think that is lacking in our class.
3) I must also be positive in whatever we do and overcome our fear in everything and try new things because sooner or later, we will have to try them.

How can this pointers be of help to you?
It can help me understand the meaning of being a team and how i can volunteer in helping my team succeed. I can also change the better of me be it in personalities or behaviour.

If you were to have another chance to try the activities, which one will you chose? Why?
I will definitely try all, but given only one choice, i think i will choose the telematch. To me, i think the telematch is the best activity in the camp and it carries a strong meaning. The game is quite interesting and fun. We need to have good communication skills, patience and teamwork to achieve the objectives of that game. I think my class can do better than what we had done if we have a good fighting spirit.

If there is one thing that you would like to change about yourself, what would it be?
I think i want to be a good follower who will respect others when they are talking as well as a good listener. I hope that by being a good follower, i can be good leader... =D


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