My Journey Begins In... SST

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Ok.. let's continue where we left out... I think that GoogleMaps provides us the correct information that helps me plan my way to school.. Apart from providing us with the suggested routes, it also helps us decide on which other route(s) to go if the traffic on one particular route is slow and tell when we will arrive if we leave the house that instant. It also features available buses or trains that helps us go to our school easily. I think GoogleMaps is very very useful and reliable. it is also easy to get a head start with. I think in future for our school, we should use GoogleMaps as one of our application which we will use everyday! Opps.. g2g!

Timings And Routes..


Hmm..where do i start first? oh..Ya, before i start anything, i wanna tell u all that i only managed to paste only 2 maps about the topics "suggested routes". The other one, there was some problem and couldn't paste in into the blog.. Sorry about that. But now, i am going to continue about the topic...

From what u all see below, there are two maps: by car and by public transit.

By car: Via Pan Island Expressway
= 14 min
= 14.5km
: Via Bukit Batok Rd
= 15 min

a) By looking at the timing, I think it is quite long if my dad drives me there.. but i bet that taking public transport is even longer! I guess i have to ask my dad to change his way of direction to drive me to school or leave house early =). Not included if the traffic on that day is slow!

By Public Transport: Bus No. 188

= Estimated About 39 min...
=Take Bus heading to Harbourfront...

b)WAH!! Taking bus is worser,man! Need at least 40 min to reach school then must walk some more! Haizzzz... But those who stay Pasir Ris, sorry to you all! Must "chong" and woke up early ba...

By Walking: Via Bukit Batok East Ave 5
=1h 54 min

: Via Boon Lay Way
=2h 8min

:Via Jln Lam Sam and Boon Lay Way
=2H 12MIN!!!!!

c) Even though i dun have the map to show u all but if i walked it would've killed me! by the time i reach school, i will get scolded by teacher and my legs would turned jelly! Very damn far!

By Public Transit:
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Friday, December 25, 2009

Available routes from my home ( Task 2a)

By Car:
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Thursday, December 24, 2009

My experience in creating this blog...

I'm bac! So now, how do i feel creating this blog? Hmm.. i felt puzzled but it was fun as i get to know most of the applications now, how to upload pics, how to paste pics inside and know more about blogging.. Yippee! At first i kept asking my friend whether can download this or that? My friend told me to chill as she download everything from secured sites.. Hehe. So, in a conclusion i felt very ecstatic and wanted to do more blogging!

I think SST has make a good point letting us do blogging before school starts and do some research for us to be familiar with what they will be doing when school reopens.Blogging can be a part of my learning experience in SST. We can relate our whole day's experience at school in this blog as well as serve that as our electronic diary. We can easily chat with our teachers using blog... no need to waste time downloading Msn and Skype. And in times of need when we need to stay at home, we can do online homeworks posted by my school and it will be convenient for us.. =D.. ooppsie. Gotta go.. Sayonara!

My Feelings and reactions..

As you all know, this is my first time creating and posting posts on the blog.. so i hope that my pioneers will teach me on how to improve my blog. Hmm.. let's move on! Ok.. how i feel when i first accepted into SST?

At that time, i had a mixed feelings but 1 thing i knew was i was extremely SHOCKED! I didn't expect to get through as i was in the waiting list and they only allow 40% of girls in the national to be in the school.My reactions? I knew i got through to SST when i got my Psle results and behind was a piece of paper.. i was curious at first so i turned to the page and to my amazement, i was accepted.. Thanks God!
My parents's face turned pink and i know that they are happy that i got in! i, myself, did'nt expect it and i started to jumped in joy.But i felt shocked at first, of course. All my friends are shocked with what i was doing and they called me' crazy'. haha! After thAT AS A CELEBRATION, we eat at one restaurant which i don't know what. There were a variety of food and it was scrumptious! Yummy>.<..I was very excited that i get to go onto SST. I will continue to work hard there and lift my head held high! OMG! Bye Bye!

Hi! My first time writing a blog for school! Gonna be fun!